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Todos Somos Marcos

Public access TV show, 1996-99, covered the Zapatista movement in Chiapas and activism in Los Angeles

Let us be humble and generous like the Zapatistas. Someone was telling me that Marcos was just a caudillo, and I said "Who is Marcos? We are all Marcos." And what the government says could be true or could not be true. What I mean to say is that when the government tried to demystify Marcos and say that he was Rafael Guillan, all the people of Mexico covered their faces with ski masks and bandannas and said, "We are all Marcos."

- Rosario Ibarra


I produced Todos Somos Marcos for public access TV Carson, California from 1996 to 1999. Bruce Lohmann and Robb Curtis Rossetti, co-produced a number of segments.

I began producing Todos Somos Marcos to bring attention to the struggle in Chiapas. In October 1996, Bruce and I went to Chiapas, where we had an opportunity to interview Zapatistas and other activists. I returned with the conviction that zapatismo transcended the pressing issues of Chiapas. I began to look for signs of it in my own community.

Many people participate in this project, especially the many activists who dedicate their intelligence and energy to the struggle for justice and liberty for all people. This is their show more than it is mine.

- Peter Rashkin



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