It's like working!

"Using a camera appeases the anxiety which the work-driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and supposed to be having fun. They have something to do that is like a friendly imitation of work: they can take pictures."

— Susan Sontag
On Photography

October 2007 - The end of all good government

Also, USC, Mt. Lowe, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, around town, house and garden.

September 2007 - Modern LA Dance

Also, Mt. Hillyer, UCLA, around town, house and garden.

August 2007 - Getty Villa

Also, memorial for Philip and Mabel, Linda Lack dance rehearsal, around town.

August 2007 - Mt. Waterman hike

Also, butterflies out my window, around town, Rancho Los Cerritos, Iris and Eddie anniversary.

July 2007 - Miracle Mile

Page Museum, Two Snake Studios, California Plaza, Barnsdale Art Park, historic Vermont Square Library.

June 2007 - Long Beach Aquarium

plus Around Town and In the Garden.

June 2007 - Visit from Anna

plus Fred Meyer the bamboo snake, and candidates night.

June 2007 - Visit to Salem

Xochitl's birthday, dansa, visits to Portland and Seattle, the hands of Dwight B.

May 2007 -Riding the Starlight Express

Los Angeles to Salem, Oregon. Vandenberg Airforce Base, "America's Gateway to Space."

May 2007 - LA and environs

Fish Canyon hike, LA River bike ride, quick trip to San Jose, around town, in the garden, Fred the Snake.

Apr. 2007 - Landscape Paintings

Old paintings, downtown LA, garden with cats, around town (an old friend remembered), walk in Manhattan Beach.

Apr. 2007 - Close to home

Garden with new basket and cats. First bamboo shoots. Bamboo marimba. Bike ride in Long Beach.

Mar. 2007 - Close to home

Garden, cacti, cats, clouds and other stuff.

Feb. 2007 - Mojave Desert

Desert trip with Dan, Maureen, Larry, Robb and Nancy. Visit with Cynthia at the Ranchhouse Inn. Creationist dinosaur museum at Cabazon. Windfarm. Amboy Crater. Kelso Station.

Jan. 2007 - LA and environs

Plus a trip up north. Scottish Rite Temple, low tide at San Pedro, Berkeley, Friars of the Sick Poor.

Jan. 1, 2007 - Nicholas Flat

New Year's Hike

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Long Live the World

"Long live the world which is so very funny to live in! What meaning to the living world had that little box of decomposing flesh? None. How insignificant is man in the universe, how insignificant his worries, his wars, his struggles, his ambitions, his trying to outwit his competitors! What is left of the great Caesar? There would be one Rome just the same, Caesar or no Caesar. Perhaps it would not be on the river Tiber, but there would be one Rome. What will be left tomorrow of the dozen little Caesars of today who think that they can build up a new world and terrify mankind? What are all the wars and dictatorships and bolshevisms for if finally men always end up by doing what is best for them, great men or not? So then why not enjoy life, love, merriment? And if some day you cannot enjoy them any longer, die and be forgotten and leave no ghosts behind. That's paradise."

— B. Traven
The Bridge in the Jungle

Just a tourist here...

"But essentially the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own."

— Susan Sontag
On Photography