Neil Haas, 1947-2008
We'll miss you!

Another Fallen Classmate

Tony Shultz
August 8, 1947 - March 15, 2008

Tony and Susan - I took this picture of Tony at Gary's book signing. I sent it to him telling him that it looked like he was enlightened. He thanked me for encouraging him on his path to Nirvana. That was in 2001.

- Gayle Hilbert

Gayle Peitzer Hilbert found some old Far and Nears. Read them here.

Who was John Burroughs?

John Burroughs and John Muir

Complete works of John Burroughs, at a bookstore in Salem, OR


6th Annual JB Reunion Potluck Seder

Saturday, April 30 - 5 pm - Gayle (Peitzer) Hilbert's  —  PIX

JB GIRLS AT RECENT GATHERING. Top row, from left: Sharon Braverman, Peggi Siegel, Terri Bloomgarden, Susan Sheldon, Margie Rubin, Andrea Graham, Shelly Kalvin, Arlene Zindel & Gayle Fersini. Bottom row, from left: Allyne  Miller, Gayle Hilbert, Geri Fiske, Bobbi Ghozland, Cheryll Schneider.


Nothing to do with our JB or our Mr. Hunt

Oct. 2, 2004

Terrific get together ... see pix

Taming Romeo

A small group met for dinner and a play Aug. 3 to see classmate Dan Rosenblatt's latest directorial offering.

To see photos, click here.

June 30 - Letter from David Firth :

Hi Peter,

I came across your website by accident while doing a google search. You have a great website. I began 7th grade in September, 1962 in Fresno, CA. Reading all of the the stories from you and your classmates was a real deja vu experience for me. My experiences in Jr. high were similar. One thing ...continued

5th Annual JB Class of '62 Reunion Potluck Seder

Saturday, April 10, 5 pm

Seder pix by Cynthyia Markus

Recent photo spreads:

Hike Pix

Letter from Barbara Sayble

Jan 13, 2002


Some wonderful events in my own life inspired a look to see what had happened since the original connection. I was overjoyed to see the faces, the work and the love you have put into this, thank you. Did it start 3 years ago? no, I must have my dates wrong. But my kids are 13 and

Next time I come to the coast, I will make an effort to connect. It washes away my growing pains, still hidden in my heart, to see the love and care we are able to share with each other.

I know that the work I do each day, with hurt kids in high school, is inspired by all I learned and didn't learn at JB. I'm very good and I want to thank you all for all you added and continue to add.

Love seems to be the only commodity that doesn't follow the law of scarcity. I love you all, all the boys I had crushes on and all the girls who didn't hide their passions and minds. I love you all


by Elizabeth Gill

Gary Gach booksigning in LA 8/12/01 Gary Gach Book Signing
Photos by Gayle Peitzer
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